Week 4: Running Back Projections

4-RB Projections


Experimental projections!  I am still tweaking and tuning the math and logic to come up with projections. These are based on average performance season-to-date versus strength/weakness of matchups.

Please note key injuries, as I don’t yet have a way of programmatically substituting player backups.

Week 4: Depth Chart

Official team starting rosters are released 24 hours prior to gametime. I’ll update this as rosters are released. Otherwise this is the most recent information from previous games.

BC Lions:

QB: Jennings
WR: Gore, Iannuzzi
SB: Arceneaux, Moore, Burnham
RB: Allen

Calgary Stampeders:

QB: Mitchell
WR: West, Parker
SB: Jorden, McDaniel
RB: Messam

Edmonton Eskimos

QB: Reilly
WR: Walker Coehoorn
SB: Bowman, Getzlaf
RB: White

Sask Roughriders:

QB: Durant
WR: Roosevelt, Chambers
RB: Chiles, Bagg, Collins
RB: Steele

Winnipeg BlueBombers:

QB: Willy
WR: Adams, Kohlert
SB: Smith, Davis, Dressler
RB: Harris

Hamilton Ti-Cats:

QB: Masoli
WR: Underwood, Watt
SB: Tasker, Fantuz, Owens
RB: Gable

Toronto Argos:

QB: Ray
WR: Hazelton, Gurley
SB: Shaw, Coombs, Bates
RB: Whitaker

Ottawa RedBlacks:

QB: Harris
WR: Williams, Harty
SB: Jackkson, Sinopoli, Ellingson
RB: Grigsby

Montreal Alouettes:

QB: Cato
WR: Carter, Giguere
SB: Cunningham, Lewis
RB: Rutley