Week 8: Fantasy Round-Up

Week 8 kicked off with the Edmonton Eskimos hosting the Montreal Alouettes on Thursday Night Football.

On the surface it looked like a defense battle that nobody predicted, especially from Edmonton. However, I, myself saw more floundering Offenses that stellar Defenses. Kevin Glenn never got things rolling, finishing with a poor 56 percent passing, 271 yards and two late interceptions. No TDs. And Mike Reilly, threw for 300 yards but also, no TDs.

Walker and Bowman, of course, would lead the way through the air for the Esks. 132 and 107 yards respectively. John White would carry 13 times for 66 yards on the ground, and 17 more yards through the air. Montreal‘s backfield was led by Rutley, 12 carries for 43 yards and 55 receiving yards. Carter was targeted 10 times but would only haul in 3 receptions. BJ Cunningham would lead the air attack, with 98 yards.

Friday Night we watched the Winnipeg Defense come up huge with 5 interception on the Toronto Argo’s, who played both Backup QB’s Kilgore and Fajardo. Combined the two would throw for 358 yards, two TD’s and the FIVE picks. Diontae Spencer, out of nowhere, would the favorite target hauling in 11 receptions for 146 yards and a TD.

But the night would belong to Clarence Denmark. Did I not tell you to keep your eyes on this guy? I hope you picked him up out of Free Agency. I did and he saved my weekend! 10 targets, 7 receptions, 195 yards and two TDs! Harris would also have a great night in the backfield, 123 yards and a Major score on 19 carries.

Saturday Night Football started with a low scoring affair between Calgary and Saskatchewan.

Durant looked decent, throwing for 267 yards and adding 74 yards of his own on the ground. Roosevelt would again lead the way through the air for the Roughriders, 8 receptions for 79 yards. Mitchel Gale would have the lone TD on the ground for the ‘Riders.

Not a rich Fantasy night for Bo Levi Mitchell, 298 yards and an interception with no TDs. McDaniel would haul in 8 passes for 110 yards. Messam with a decent 113 all purpose yards and Calgary’s only TD of the game.

And finally we saw the return of Zach Collaros, as the TiCats took on the Lions.

It was a rough start for Collaros, but he would eventually find his rhythm in the second half. He would finish with 331 yards, two scores and a single pick in the losing effort. Owens would rack up 95 yards, and Tasker would add 86 with a TD.

For BC, Jennings continued his winning ways, 306 yards and three TDs. Arceneaux would be found for two of those scores and 105 yards. J.Johnson would rush for 62 yards and two TDs.

Week 8: Running Back Projections

Experimental Projections! I am still tweaking and tuning the math and logic to come up with these numbers. Based on average performance-to-date versus strength/weakness of matchup.

White 24.30
Messam 22.10
Harris 22.00
Whitaker 19.20
Rutley 12.50
Johnson 11.80
Gable 10.87
Harrison 8.32
Coombs 7.68
Lawrence 7.47
Beaulieu 3.38
Rainey 3.12
Mccarty 2.57
Louks 2.10
Logan 1.80
Lumbala 0.60


Week 8: Depth Charts / Starting Rosters

Official team starting rosters are released 24 hours prior to gametime. I’ll update this as rosters are released. Otherwise this is the most recent information from previous games.

BC Lions:

QB: Jennings
WR: Gore, Iannuzzi
SB: Arceneaux, Boldewijn, Burnham
RB: J.Johnson

Calgary Stampeders:

QB: Mitchell
WR: Wilson, Parker
SB: Grant, McDaniel
RB: Messam

Edmonton Eskimos:

QB: Reilly
WR: Walker, Coehoorn
SB: Bowman, Getzlaf, Watson
RB: White

Sask Roughriders:

QB: Durant
WR: Roosevelt, Demski
SB: Lankford, Collins, Bagg
RB: Lawrence

Winnipeg BlueBombers:

QB: Nichols
WR: K.Adams, Kohlert
SB: Denmark, Davis, Mayo
RB: Harris

Hamilton Ti-Cats:

QB: Collaros
WR: Toliver, Watt
SB: Tasker, Fantuz, Owens
RB: Gable

Toronto Argos:

QB: Kilgore
WR: Spencer, Wylie
SB: Shaw, Coombs, Miles
RB: Whitaker

Ottawa RedBlacks:

QB: Burris
WR: Williams, Paden
SB: Jackson, Sinopoli, Ellingson
RB: Grigsby

Montreal Alouettes:

QB: Glenn
WR: Carter, Giguere
SB: Cunningham, Lewis
RB: Rutley

Week 8: Running Back Rankings

This week we see Harris remain on top. Messam jumps up three positions. J.Johnson, back from Injury replaces Allen on the charts. Lawrence remains the only Sask Backfielder currently ranked.

Harris 23.29
Messam 21.67
White 21.67
Whitaker 20.17
Johnson 18.00
Rutley 16.20
Grigsby 16.00
Gable 12.67
Lawrence 7.00
Harrison 6.40
Coombs 6.40
Lafrance 6.14
Rainey 5.20
Beaulieu 3.75
Mccarty 1.83
Lumbala 1.00

Week 8: Wide Receiver Rankings

This week we see Walker and Bowman flip top spots. Carter climbs one spot past Roosevelt. Ellingson, Fantuz, Shaw, Arceneaux and McDaniel all make ground towards the top.

Bowman 33.83
Walker 31.83
Williams 31.29
Carter 26.67
Roosevelt 25.50
Ellingson 22.86
Fantuz 22.33
Mcdaniel 22.00
Sinopoli 21.86
Shaw 20.67
Arceneaux 20.33
Tasker 19.83
Burnham 19.67
Gore 19.33
Grant 19.25
Wylie 19.00
Owens 18.83
Lewis 18.33
Wilson 18.00
Mayo 18.00
Hazelton 16.67
Jackson 16.29
Toliver 16.00
Bagg 14.67
Parker 14.17
Collins 14.17
Lankford 13.00
Cunningham 12.80
Davis, J 12.14
Watson 11.83

Week 8: Fantasy Preview

Week 8 will kick off on Thursday night, with the Montreal Alouettes visiting the Edmonton Eskimos.

The Eskimos have really disappointed on Defense this year. They give up the leagues most Fantasy points to both Quarterbacks and Receivers. The numbers say Kevin Glenn and his Receiving core should have a good game.

On the other side, Montreal surrenders the league’s most points to Running Backs, pointing to a good game for John White. Reilly is still ranked 2nd most Fantasy Points for QBs and his Receivers also rank 2nd best FPTS for the position.

Friday will see the Bluebombers visit the Argos.

This matchup looks pretty dead-even in terms of Fantasy points. Both teams sit dead center in the middle of the league in terms of performances at all positions, with the Argos having one clear advantage – 2nd best FPTS for their Running Backs, going up against a Winnipeg D that surrenders the 3rd most to the position.

Saturday’s Double-Header will start with the top-ranked Stampeders taking on the terrible Roughriders.

Go heavy on Calgary, all positions. Calgary scores the 3rd most FPTS at the QB positon, 1st at Running Back and 4th at Receiver. Compared to Sask‘s terrible Defense giving up the 2nd most FPTS to QBs and RBs and 4th most to Receivers.

The second part of the Double-Header will be Hamilton vs BC.

BC has a touch match-up for their backfield, but every other position plays quite equal. Hamilton is currently the worst Fantasy performer at QB, but that all could change with Zach Collaros set to make his return.

Things of note this week:

Anthony Allen‘s value fantasy has plummeted with the return of J. Johnson.
Clarence Denmark may turn out to be the most valuable Free Agent on the market at the moment.
Zach Collaros is really close to returning for Hamilton, looks likely for Week 8
Argos have added QB Dan Lefevour. May possibly start over Logan Kilgore?
Sask‘s backfield – Lawrence? We’ll have to wait for the Depth Chart this week.

Ottawa will be on the Bye for Week 8

Week 7: Fantasy Round-Up

We *finally* kicked off Week 7 after a lengthy weather delay. Winnipeg destroyed the Hamilton TigerCats on the strength of Backup QB Matt Nichols, a depleted receiving core and SIX takeaways.

Nichols would throw just under 75 percent, totaling 246 yards and two touchdowns. Andrew Harris picked up 49 yards and touchdown, while Mayo led the way through the air with 84 yards and a score on 7 receptions. Clarence Denmark was welcomed back, with 7 targets, 7 receptions, 69 yards and a TD. He’s a Free Agent you’ll probably want to keep tabs on.

Hamilton was fairly Fantasy irrelevant all game long. Masoli would put up 335 yards passing, but 3 picks and no TDs really hurt his fantasy performance. Toliver with 120 yards through the air on 7 receptions would be the lone performance stand-out. Fantuz added 60 yards and Owens would gather 45.

Thursday Night’s Double-Header would start with BC taking on Montreal.

Jennings was on his game, throwing at 84 percent, 331 yards and a TD. One pick would be his only downfall of the evening. J.Johnson, who has been injured since week 2 was a welcome sight for Fantasy owners. He would put up 74 yards on the ground plus a major score. Arceneaux would be the highest scoring Receiver, putting up 70 yards and a score. Burnham following closely with 89 yards of his own.

For Montreal, Kevin Glenn would have an OK Fantasy night, going 18 for 27, 231 yards, one TD through the air and one on the ground. Rutley had three decent games in a row coming into this matchup, but would never gain much traction finishing with only 48 rushing yards. Carter would again, lead the way through the air, going 7 for 10, 115 yards.

The second part of Thursday Night’s Double-Header would see the Stamps hosting the lowly Roughriders. The Stamps would lead most the game but it was not the blow-out that many expected.

Mitchell was in good form, throwing 25 for 37, 312 yards and a TD. McDaniel was again the most popular Receiver, targeted 10 times, 8 receptions for 110 yards. Messam had a monster night, carrying the ball 17 times for 109 yards and a major, plus adding 36 yards through the air.

On the other side of the ball, Durant back from injury would throw at 60 percent, racking up 247 yards and a TD. Rob Bagg was the biggest Fantasy performer, catching only 4 passes but going 135 yards and a score. Sask‘s backfield has been terrible for Fantasy owners. It’s been a revolving door, featuring Curtis Steele, Matt Walter and Michael Dyer in previous games. This evening would be Kendial Lawrence‘s turn, carrying 6 times for 45 yards.

And we finished up Week 7 with the Edmonton Eskimos taking on the Ottawa RedBlacks.

A bit of a ridiculous and ugly game. I can’t quite figure out the Eskimos. They have all the Offensive weapons to be the best team in the league. Their defense is certainly coming up short, but at times that high-powered and Fantasy-prevalent offense just can’t get it figured out.

Reilly‘s streak of passing over 300 yards per game came to an end. He would finish with a measly 255 yards, not a single score and one pick. Bowman still managed to put up 96 yards on 10 receptions. But Walker owners were disappointed to see only 36 yards on 3 catches, though targeted 9 times. John White would also have a slow day, under 60 all purpose yards.

Burris, however, looked much better in his second game back. He would go 26/39, 341 yards and two scores. Williams also got back on track after three slow weeks. He would haul in 7 catches for 62 yards and a TD. Ellingson would rack up the most yards, going for 121 on only 6 catches.

Things of note this week:

Anthony Allen‘s value fantasy has plummeted with the return of J. Johnson.
Clarence Denmark may turn out to be the most valuable Free Agent on the market at the moment.
Zach Collaros is really close to returning for Hamilton, looks likely for Week 8
Argos have added QB Dan Lefevour. May possibly start over Logan Kilgore?
Sask‘s backfield – Lawrence? We’ll have to wait for the Depth Chart this week.

Ottawa will be on the Bye for Week 8