Week 6: Fantasy Preview

We are going to get Week 6 started on Thursday night with the Eskimos versus the Bluebombers.

If the Esks can figure out how to play a full four quarters, watch out. Their offense is extremely powerful. Look for Bowman and Walker to have a field day against a Winnipeg Defense that gives up the 2nd most FPTS to the Wide Receiver position. If Edmonton builds up a big lead, which is expected, watch for John White to accumulate backfield touches, against the Winnipeg D who surrenders the 3rd most FPTS in the league to Backs.

Edmonton‘s Defense, however, is not any better. They currently give up the league’s most FPTS to Quarterbacks AND Wide Receivers. Can backup Matt Nichols take advantage? Let’s also keep an eye on last year’s leading Rusher, Andrew Harris. He had a below average performance in Week 5, and will look to bounce back. Not the greatest matchup for him, but I still have him Projected at 16 FPTS for the week.

Saskatchewan and Montreal, both holding records of 1 and 3 on the season, will meet up on Friday Night.

Curtis Steele has had two bad weeks in a row. Let’s look for him to turn it around against a Montreal Defense that gives up the league’s most FPTS to Running Backs. This is the most favourable matchup of the week for Running Backs. On paper, anyways.

What can be said about Montreal? Not much. Leagues worst Fantasy performing Quarterbacks, second worst Receivers and fourth worst Running Backs. Rutley, however, seems to look better and better as the season goes on. I have him projected this week to make 15 FPTS.

Second part of the Friday Night Double-Header features BC Lions versus Calgary Stampeders.

Somehow, BC currently holds the best defensive Fantasy Points Against across all three positions – QB, RB and WR. However, they’re in for a touch match against a Stamps offense that has recently found their groove.

Calgary gives up a lot of FPTS to both Quarterbacks and Receivers. We’ll watch for Jennings and Arceneaux to take advantage, well rested coming off their Bye week.

And we’ll finish up Week 6 with Toronto versus Ottawa.

What would normally be a one-sided affair, may be unpredictable with the status of both Quarterbacks up in the air. Toronto is currently next to last in Quarterback FPTS scored, and dead last in WR FPTS scored. Their Backfield, however, has been the lone standout. Watch for Whitaker to continue his recent success.

Ottawa‘s offense is currently best in the league. With a possible change at QB, we’ll see if they can continue to lead the way. My eyes will be on Chris Williams, who has only been able to score single-digit FPTS for two weeks in a row now.

The Hamilton TigerCats are on the Bye.

Week 6: Depth Chart

Official team starting rosters are released 24 hours prior to gametime. I’ll update this as rosters are released. Otherwise this is the most recent information from previous games.

BC Lions:

QB: Jennings
WR: Gore, Iannuzzi
SB: Arceneaux, Moore(Out), Burnham
RB: Allen

Calgary Stampeders:

QB: Mitchell
WR: Wilson, Parker
SB: Grant, McDaniel
RB: Messam

Edmonton Eskimos:

QB: Reilly
WR: Walker, Adjei
SB: Bowman, Getzlaf, Watson
RB: White

Sask Roughriders:

QB: Gale
WR: Roosevelt, Demski
RB: Chiles, Bagg, Collins
RB: Steele

Winnipeg BlueBombers:

QB: Nichols
WR: Adams, Kohlert
SB: Davis, Dressler, Sheppard
RB: Harris

Hamilton Ti-Cats:

QB: Masoli
WR: Toliver, Watt
SB: Tasker, Fantuz, Owens
RB: Gable

Toronto Argos:

QB: Kilgore
WR: Hazelton, Wylie
SB: Shaw, Coombs, Bates
RB: Whitaker

Ottawa RedBlacks:

QB: Burris!
WR: Williams, Harty
SB: Jackson, Sinopoli, Ellingson
RB: Grigsby

Montreal Alouettes:

QB: Glenn
WR: Carter, Giguere
SB: Cunningham, Lewis
RB: Rutley

Week 6: Running Back Rankings

Week 6 sees Whitaker climbs one spot over Grigsby. Messam up one and Rutley up two pushing Steele down three spots.

NAME This Week Last Week
Harris 23.40 26.25
White 23.25 24.33
Whitaker 19.80 21.00
Grigsby 19.67 21.50
Allen 19.50 19.50
Messam 17.75 16.33
Rutley 15.00 11.50
Steele 13.43 18.00
Gable 12.40 13.75
Harrison 6.00 6.33
Rainey 5.33 5.33
Coombs 5.20 3.25
Beaulieu 1.67 1.67
Lumbala 1.00 1.00
Louks 1.00 N/A
Mccarty 0.25 0.33

Week 6: Wide Receiver Rankings

Williams surrenders the top spot to Bowman. Roosevelt climbs one spot. Fantuz and Tasker both move up the chart.

NAME This Week Last Week
Bowman 41.00 42.33
Williams 35.60 43.75
Walker 34.75 31.00
Roosevelt 32.50 26.67
Sinopoli 25.20 19.75
Ellingson 24.80 28.75
Mcdaniel 24.00 22.33
Carter 23.75 20.67
Fantuz 23.00 20.25
Gore 21.75 21.75
Adams 21.60 20.25
Tasker 21.60 17.25
Wylie 21.00 N/A
Lewis 20.50 19.33
Owens 20.20 21.50
Collins 19.25 20.33
Shaw 18.40 15.25
Hazelton 18.00 20.75
Grant 17.50 N/A
Gurley 17.00 17.00
Arceneaux 16.25 16.25
Watson 16.25 16.33
Davis 16.00 17.75
Chiles 15.33 15.33
Dressler 15.00 9.50
Jackson 14.80 15.25
Parker 14.25 9.33
Burnham 14.00 14.00
Underwood 14.00 14.00
Bagg 13.25 15.33
Smith 13.25 13.25

Week 5: Fantasy Round-Up

Week 5 got us started with the Winnipeg BlueBombers hosting the Calgary Stampeders.

Winnipeg was clearly out-matched by Bo Levi and the Stampeders high-flying offense. Calgary, and in particular McDaniel, had a huge first half, then slowed the pace in the second making room for Messam to accumulate touches and Fantasy Points. McDaniel would finish with 29 FPTS and Messam with 22.

The Bluebombers trailed all game long which really took Andrew Harris out of the game. He would finish the evening well below his league average, with a mere 12 FPTS – 6 targets, 4 receptions for 27 yards in the air, 10 carries for 28 yards on the ground. Matt Nichols entered the game in relief of Drew Willy, hoping for a change of pace. Both QB’s combined for 24 FPTS, compared to Bo Levi‘s 36. Weston Dressler was the lone stand-out performance for the Bombers, targeted 15 times for 12 receptions, 118 yards, a touchdown and one fumble lost. Finishing with 37 FPTS.

The Week continued with Ottawa versus Sask on Friday Night Football.

It ended up being The Battle Of The Backups. Mitchel Gale started for the Roughriders over the injured Durant. And on Ottawa’s first possession, Trevor Harris was taken down awkwardly, opening the door for Brock Jensen. Gale would go 21/36, 354 yards and a touchdown for 25 FPTS. Jensen showed promise, throwing at 69 percent and 2 touchdowns, 32 FPTS. His favorite target would be Brad Sinopoli, 156 yards and both touchdowns. Naaman Roosevelt would lead the way for the Roughriders in their upset victory, 10 targets, 8 receptions, 182 yards and a TD – 50 FPTS!

Any other Fantasy owners of Chris Williams getting worried? 52 FPPG average over this first three games. In his last two games? 10.5 FPPG. Trade him? Ride it out? What do you think?

Saturday night gave us a thrilling come-from-behind victory from the Hamilton TigerCats over the Edmonton Eskimos.

It looked like Reilly and Bowman were going to be the only show in town, but really fizzled out in the second half. Reilly went 32/42, 354 yards and 3 touchdowns. Finishing 42 FPTS. Walker and Bowman combining for a monsterous 83 FPTS had Esks owners quite impressed.

Masoli and the ‘Cats found traction in the latter half of the game, scoring 31 unanswered points for the win. Masoli would go 31/38 including 23 in a row, a CFL record. 391 yards and 3 TDs for 46 FPTS. He spread the ball around but Luke Tasker was targeted most, 11 times for 11 receptions, 146 yards, good enough for 39 FPTS.

It was a slow start for offenses on Monday evening when the Argos hosted the Alouettes.

But eventually they both found some rhythm, and it ended up being an entertaining game. Montreal never trailed by too much, always kept in the game with Kevin Glenn back at the helm. He would finish with 26 FPTS on 285 yards and a single touchdown. That touchdown, to Montreal leading receiver, Duron Carter, who would add 124 yards on 8 targets and 6 receptions.

Ricky Ray would score a season high 41 FPTS, throwing at 85 percent for 235 yards and 3 major scores. Whitaker would take most the backfield touches but Coombs would steal the Fantasy Points providing a touchdown for the Argos. 15 and 13 FPTS respectively. Kenny Shaw would be the Receiver stand-out, going 9 for 9 for 86 yards and a touchdown, 31 FPTS.

Thanks for joining me for Week 5!

Week 5: Receiver Stats

Target Leaders:


Reception Leaders:


Yards Leaders:

GORE 341

Touchdown Leaders:


Week 5: Fantasy Preview

Welcome to Week 5, I hope you’re as excited as I am!

Week 5 will kick off on Thursday Night with the Stampeders taking on the Bluebombers.

Winnipeg currently gives up the third most points to Quarterbacks, and the second most points to Receivers. They are however, better at stopping the run, giving up the 3rd fewest points to the backfield.

Calgary’s defense has not yet found it’s rhythm, sitting in the bottom three FPA in all categories. But look for their offense to run up the score against a mediocre Winnipeg D. Also keep an eye League-leading rusher, Andrew Harris, averaging over 26 FPPG.

The weekend continues Friday night when the Roughriders take on the RedBlacks.

Ottawa currently sits atop the average FPPG in all categories. The Roughriders shake the Magic 8 Ball – Outlook Not Good. We’ll have to wait and see the status Durant and Chambers.

Saturday night will see the Eskimos battle the TigerCats.

Edmonton’s defense showed some signs of life but according to the numbers, they currently give up the league’s most points to Quarterbacks and Receivers. The Eskimos offense looks dangerous, however Hamilton currently has the best record in the league against QB and RB, and second best against WR positions.

Finally we wait for Monday night to close the week with Montreal versus Toronto.

Duron Carter, controversial wide-out for the Alouettes, will be on the field as his 1-game suspension appeal won’t be until mid-August. Look for Toronto’s backfield to continue it’s recent success against a Montreal D that has allowed the most fantasy points to Running Backs.

The BC Lions will be on the bye.

FPPG – Fantasy Points Per Game
FPA – Fantasy Points Against