Week 12: Fantasy Points FOR/AGAINST per Position


Use the table below to see how many fantasy points each team is scoring at each position.  Higher numbers are better. For example, Saskatchewan QBs are averaging 24.11 FPTS per game. Hamilton RBs are only averaging 7.64 FPTS per game.

BC 20.87 19.83 31.02
CGY 19.08 16.82 37.87
EDM 23.69 12.00 40.11
SSK 24.11 12.82 40.83
WPG 23.24 18.09 34.03
HAM 13.42 7.64 27.44
TOR 19.97 15.22 30.29
OTT 21.11 13.75 39.24
MTL 15.45 12.70 31.32

FPTS Against:

Use the table below to see how many fantasy points each team is giving up to each position.  Lower numbers are better. For example, QBs going up against Toronto are only able to score an average of 15.78 FPTS. WRs facing Ottawa are scoring over 35 FPTS, on average per game.

BC 20.93 14.06 35.26
CGY 16.43 13.41 26.54
EDM 19.25 15.14 29.88
SSK 18.54 15.51 34.21
WPG 23.32 15.19 43.01
HAM 27.24 16.04 45.58
TOR 15.78 12.98 32.26
OTT 20.54 13.51 35.63
MTL 21.74 15.39 34.10

Week 12: Wide Receiver Stats

WR by Receptions with Targets:

Brad Sinopoli 71 97
SJ Green 69 110
Greg Ellingson 64 91
Nik Lewis 58 69
Emmanuel Arceneaux 57 79
Namaan Roosevelt 53 72
Brandon Zylstra 53 68
Darvin Adams 52 80
Marquay McDaniel 48 78
Luke Tasker 48 70
Duron Carter 47 77
Armanti Edwards 47 63
Bakari Grant 44 58
Vidal Hazelton (INJ) 42 59
Bryan Burnham 41 60
BJ Cunningham 39 64
Ernest Jackson 38 57
Diontae Spencer 38 60
Clarence Denmark 37 55
DaVaris Daniels 35 58
Joshua Stangby 34 54
Tyron Thorpe 33 43
Jalen Saunders 32 52
Bryant Mitchell 30 38
DeVier Posey 29 43
Weston Dressler 29 39
Julian Feoli Gudino 29 43
Kamar Jorden (inj) 28 44
Nick Moore 28 41
Marco Iannuzzi 28 41
Duke Williams 27 46
Brian Tyms 25 39
Jeff Fuller 24 51
Mike Jones 23 37
Lemar Durant 22 29
Tiquan Underwood 21 37
Marken Michel 21 34
Kenny Stafford 20 36
Adarius Bowman 19 33
Chris Williams 19 33

WR by Receiving Yards:

Greg Ellingson 1033
SJ Green 1002
Brad Sinopoli 810
Namaan Roosevelt 738
Brandon Zylstra 729
Darvin Adams 704
BJ Cunningham 673
Bryan Burnham 658
Bakari Grant 620
DaVaris Daniels 590
Emmanuel Arceneaux 589
Marquay McDaniel 586
Armanti Edwards 580
Ernest Jackson 567
Vidal Hazelton (INJ) 560
Duron Carter 541
Nik Lewis 532
Duke Williams 500
Luke Tasker 471
Jalen Saunders 460
Nick Moore 456
Diontae Spencer 440
Marken Michel 420
Weston Dressler 406
Kamar Jorden (inj) 403
Joshua Stangby 392
Bryant Mitchell 392
DeVier Posey 386
Clarence Denmark 367
Marco Iannuzzi 346
Tiquan Underwood 337
Lemar Durant 313
Tyron Thorpe 302
Julian Feoli Gudino 292
Shaq Johnson 288
Jeff Fuller 287
Cory Watson 268
Kenny Stafford 265
Mike Jones 259
Anthony Parker 239

WR by Receiving Touchdowns:

Greg Ellingson 7
Duron Carter 7
SJ Green 5
Namaan Roosevelt 5
Darvin Adams 5
Bakari Grant 5
BJ Cunningham 4
DaVaris Daniels 4
Ernest Jackson 4
Vidal Hazelton (INJ) 4
Kamar Jorden (inj) 4
Joshua Stangby 4
DeVier Posey 4
Clarence Denmark 4
Brad Sinopoli 3
Bryan Burnham 3
Emmanuel Arceneaux 3
Marquay McDaniel 3
Diontae Spencer 3
Bryant Mitchell 3
Julian Feoli Gudino 3
Brandon Zylstra 2
Armanti Edwards 2
Duke Williams 2
Luke Tasker 2
Jalen Saunders 2
Marken Michel 2
Weston Dressler 2
Tiquan Underwood 2
Lemar Durant 2
Kenny Stafford 2
Ryan Lankford 2
Adarius Bowman 2
Caleb Holley 2
Brandon Banks 2
Demarr Aultman 2
George Johnson 2
Nik Lewis 1
Nick Moore 1
Shaq Johnson 1

Week 12: Running Back Stats

RB by Rushing Yards with Carries:

Jerome Messam 682 139
Andrew Harris 599 112
Jeremiah Johnson 518 85
Cameron Marshall 489 88
Tyrell Sutton 406 80
Brandon Whittaker 318 71
William Powell 305 64
LaDarius Perkins 293 62
Mossis Madu 263 60
CJ Gable 209 38
Travon Van (INJ) 207 53
Brandon Rutley 202 35
James Wilder 172 39
Ross Scheuerman 145 23
Timothy Flanders 129 21
Brendan Gillanders 127 20
John White (INJ) 112 20
JC Beaulieu 91 7
Roy Finch 86 18
Chris Rainey 78 21
Kienan Lafrance 59 14

RB by Rushing Touchdowns:

Jerome Messam 9
Jeremiah Johnson 6
Andrew Harris 4
Cameron Marshall 2
Tyrell Sutton 2
William Powell 2
Mossis Madu 2
Travon Van (INJ) 2
LaDarius Perkins 1
CJ Gable 1
Ross Scheuerman 1
Timothy Flanders 1
John White (INJ) 1
JC Beaulieu 1
Chris Rainey 1
Shaq Murray-Lawrence 1
Stefan Logan 1
Ante Milanovic-Litre 1

RB by Receiving Yards with Receptions:

Andrew Harris 562 64
Anthony Coombs (INJ) 426 47
Jeremiah Johnson 301 28
Cameron Marshall 278 29
Chris Rainey 240 24
Brandon Whittaker 220 27
William Powell 177 19
Declan Cross 177 17
Jerome Messam 142 23
Mossis Madu 136 19
Tyrell Sutton 128 20
LaDarius Perkins 126 16
Patrick Lavoie 122 18
CJ Gable 119 16
Timothy Flanders 104 9
Roy Finch 102 14
James Wilder 92 14
Brandon Rutley 90 14
Martese Jackson 90 11

RB by Receiving Touchdowns:

Jeremiah Johnson 3
Cameron Marshall 2
Chris Rainey 2
Declan Cross 2
Mossis Madu 2
Andrew Harris 1
Anthony Coombs (INJ) 1
William Powell 1
LaDarius Perkins 1
Timothy Flanders 1

Week 12: Quarterback Stats

QB by Completions with Attempts:

Trevor Harris 309 435
Ricky Ray 290 416
Matt Nichols 275 389
Mike Reilly 250 361
Kevin Glenn 226 321
Bo Levi Mitchell 217 332
Darian Durant 212 311
Zach Collaros 165 263
Jonathan Jennings 123 194
Travis Lulay 121 165
Jeremiah Masoli 33 60

QB by Passing Yards:

Trevor Harris 3531
Ricky Ray 3343
Mike Reilly 3165
Matt Nichols 3005
Bo Levi Mitchell 2979
Kevin Glenn 2730
Darian Durant 2526
Zach Collaros 1743
Travis Lulay 1693
Jonathan Jennings 1425
Jeremiah Masoli 364

QB by Passing Touchdowns:

Trevor Harris 22
Matt Nichols 19
Kevin Glenn 19
Mike Reilly 17
Ricky Ray 16
Bo Levi Mitchell 15
Darian Durant 13
Travis Lulay 10
Zach Collaros 8
Jonathan Jennings 4
Brandon Bridge 3
Jeremiah Masoli 1
Andrew Buckley 1
James Franklin 1

QB by Interceptions:

Darian Durant 11
Mike Reilly 9
Jonathan Jennings 9
Kevin Glenn 8
Trevor Harris 7
Matt Nichols 7
Travis Lulay 7
Zach Collaros 7
Ricky Ray 6
Bo Levi Mitchell 6
Jeremiah Masoli 2
Alex Ross 1

Week 12: Fantasy Rankings

QB by Average Fantasy Points:

Mike Reilly 22.81
Matt Nichols 20.66
Kevin Glenn 20.61
Trevor Harris 19.31
Ricky Ray 18.54
Travis Lulay 16.95
Bo Levi Mitchell 16.78
Darian Durant 14.05
Zach Collaros 10.87
Jonathan Jennings 10.26
James Franklin 8.84
Jeremiah Masoli 4.23
Brandon Bridge 3.55
Cody Fajardo 3.36
Dan Lefevour 2.87
Andrew Buckley 2.86
Ryan Lindley 2.42
Drew Willy 2.36
Vernon Adams Jr 2.29
Jeff Mathews 0.68
Alex Ross 0.63
Drew Tate -2.00

RB by Average Fantasy Points:

Andrew Harris 14.21
Jeremiah Johnson 14.03
Jerome Messam 13.04
Chris Rainey 11.32
Cameron Marshall 11.08
William Powell 11.03
Roy Finch 11.02
Mossis Madu 10.65
Tyrell Sutton 9.74
Travon Van (INJ) 9.60
LaDarius Perkins 9.51
Ross Scheuerman 9.30
Brandon Rutley 9.07
Ante Milanovic-Litre 8.60
Terry Williams 7.83
Timothy Flanders 7.37
Martese Jackson 7.24
Stefan Logan 6.93
John White (INJ) 6.80
Brandon Whittaker 6.73
CJ Gable 6.53
Kendial Lawrence (INJ) 6.45
Anthony Coombs (INJ) 5.77
Shaq Murray-Lawrence 4.58
Greg Morris 4.02

WR by Average Fantasy Points:

Greg Ellingson 13.21
DeVier Posey 12.52
SJ Green 11.84
Kamar Jorden (inj) 11.73
Namaan Roosevelt 11.53
Duron Carter 11.34
Brandon Zylstra 10.73
Bryan Burnham 10.48
Bakari Grant 10.10
Darvin Adams 10.09
Bryant Mitchell 10.03
Diontae Spencer 10.03
Vidal Hazelton (INJ) 10.00
Ryan Lankford 9.68
BJ Cunningham 9.67
Demarr Aultman 9.30
Weston Dressler 9.27
DaVaris Daniels 9.22
Brad Sinopoli 8.82
Jalen Saunders 8.54
Marquay McDaniel 8.51
Brandon Banks 8.29
Marken Michel 8.28
Ernest Jackson 8.24
Adarius Bowman 7.85
Duke Williams 7.75
Kenny Stafford 7.70
Emmanuel Arceneaux 7.69
Chris Williams 7.60
Joshua Stangby 7.51
Armanti Edwards 7.34
Caleb Holley 7.15
Jasper Collins 6.83
Luke Tasker 6.57
Tiquan Underwood 6.53
Nick Moore 6.45
Lemar Durant 6.26
Clarence Denmark 6.14
Quincy McDuffie 5.75
Nik Lewis 5.72

Week 11: Matchup Analysis

Welcome to Week 11, everyone!!
I love numbers! Let’s see what they say about this week’s scheduled match-ups.

Ottawa RedBlacks at Montreal Alouettes

We are going to kick off the week on Thursday night!

Trevor Harris rolls into Montreal averaging just over 19 FPTS per game, 4th best in the league. Montreal gives up the 3rd most FPTS to opposing QBs, including over 23 average FPTS over their last 5 games. I like the matchup and will start Harris in some leagues this week.

In Ottawa’s backfield, I’m ambivalent on who gets the start, Powell or Madu, as I have their average performances and projections within half a Fantasy Point of each other, depending who gets the start. Ottawa is certainly a pass-first team, but if you believe they’ll get ahead of MTL in this matchup, expect some good 2nd half usage and garbage time. Montreal allows the 3rd most FPTS to opposing backfields, so there is an opportunity here.

Ottawa gives many options for FPTS out of their receiving core. Ellingson had a stinker last week, but has double-digit FPTS in all but 3 of his 10 games this season. Spencer is averaging 12.5 FPTS in his last three, supported by his return game – watch for Quincy McDuffie to return; he’ll steal some returns when he does. Sinopoli is averaging over 9 targets per game, but that has actually only translated to 7.2 FPTS per. Kenny Shaw had a nasty looking hyperextension of the knee last week, so watch his status. Montreal is actually decent against WR’s, 3rd best against the position. It’s the volume that makes these guys safe plays.

Other side of the ball, Montreal is scoring the 2nd fewest points at the QB position. However, if we ignore Durant’s Week 9 stinker, he is still averaging just over 20 FPTS going back to Week 5. That’s not terrible, and Ottawa gives up the 4th most FPTS to QBs. There could be a value play here as Durant will have to throw to keep up with Ottawa’s offense.

Sutton and Rutley is another situation similar to Powell and Madu, with Sutton ranked slightly higher. Montreal’s backfield gets a good amount of touches, but based on predicted pace of play I don’t see them heavily involved this week. If you’re starting them, you’re crossing your fingers for the major score to pad the FPTS.

Through the air, Montreal scores the 4th fewest FPTS, but Ottawa gives up the 3rd most. Ernest Jackson and BJ Cunningham lead the way. The numbers say to expect 60-80 yards receiving, each. Deploy who you figure will get the receiving TD. Nik Lewis is the target monster, but only has one double-digit game in his 9 this year.

Winnipeg BlueBombers at Sask Roughriders

Matt Nichols is a must-start. Going back to Week 5 he is averaging over 23 FPTS per game. Start him in what is suppose to be a high scoring back-and-forth matchup. Back in Week 2, Nichols threw four TDs against SSK, scoring 28 FPTS. Sask, however, is no slouch on D, only surrendering an average of 18.5 FPTS to opposing QBs.

Andrew Harris leads the Winnipeg backfield as the 2nd highest scoring RB in the league, for the 2nd highest scoring backfield in the league. He’ll go up against a decent Saskatchewan Defense against the run, currently surrendering the 2nd fewest FPTS to backfields. But I’m still listing Harris as a must-start. Even though dirty vulture Flanders is still getting use.

Winnipeg’s receiving core scores the 5th most FPTS in the league. SSK gives up the 4th most. Leading the way we have Darvin Adams, averaging double-digit FPTS and 12.5 FPTS over his last three. Feoli Gudino looks to be a value play, with a pair of TDs in his last three games. Denmark was the red-zone target leader last week, and emerged with two major scores! Is Dressler coming back yet? *Edit Dressler has been practicing with the first offense. He comes off the 6 game and will start this weekend!

Flipping over the other side, Kevin Glenn should be a viable start in what should be a high scoring game. He is much more inconsistent though, going over 20 FPTS four times this year, but also scoring under 16 FPTS on four occasions, including two single-digit stinkers. WPG currently gives up 22.2 FPTS per game to QBs, 2nd worst in the league only to Hamilton

Sask’s backfield has had a bit of an emergence over the latter weeks, led by Cameron Marshall. Two TDs in his last two games, and averaging almost 15 FPTS in his last five games. Another decent start against a Winnipeg D that gives up the 2nd most FPTS in the league to RBs.

And SSK receivers currently sit scoring the 3rd most points in the league. Roosevelt is averaging over 10 FPTS per game, with three TDs and 70 yards avg receiving in his last four games. Duron Carter has five TDs in his last four, averaging over 15 FPTS over that span. Barkari Grant is a sleeper option, 10 FPTS avg in his last four with two major scores. Winnipeg surrenders the 2nd most FPTS to WRs.

Edmonton Eskimos at Calgary Stampeders

Labour Day! I fucking love Labour Day Classics.

What can you say about Mike Reilly? If you can afford him, you’re starting him. He had a stinker last week, but it’s Mike Reilly, he doesn’t do two stinkers in a row. Plus the rivalry with Caglary on Labour Day almost guarantees an amazing game. Ignoring last week’s performance, Reilly is averaging an incredible 29 FTPS going back to week 5. His worst performance over that span being 24.5 FPTS. Calgary, however, gives up the fewest FPTS in the league to QBs. Still not worried, but a slight temper to expectations?

Edmonton’s backfield on paper still doesn’t inspire confidence, but the numbers don’t tell the whole story in this case. Perkins scored his first rushing TD last week, but only averages about 50 yards on the ground, per game. Less than 20 through the air. If he can get the major score you’ll see double-digit FPTS from him this week, but otherwise I’m only projecting about 8 FPTs without.

Edmonton leads the league through the air, with their core scoring over 40 FPTS combined, per game. Calgary is ranked 1st in the league giving up the fewest FPTS to WRs. Tough matchup on paper but easier to get behind. Zylstra is back. Bowman should be back too. Mitchel is averaging double-digits. Watch for the return of Hazelton, who is also giving us double-digit performances. Duke Williams has over 100 receiving yards per game, in his last three. I expect the return of veterans will start to impact the newbies production.

Surprisingly, Calgary’s QBs are only rated 6th best in the league. BLM does seem hampered by some kind of injury, but he seems to be playing through it. Edmonton is ranked 4th best in the league against opposing QBs. Because of the performances that always come out of rival games, I still like BLM this week and can see him doing 350+ yards through the air with at least a pair of TDs.

Messam in the backfield is a touch monster. In all games this season the fewest touches he’s had is 12. The most, 30. Averaging 17. This weekend he should give you about 70 yards on the ground and another 20 through the air. Cross your fingers for the major score. Edmonton surrenders the 4th most FPTS to backfields.

Calgary’s 3rd best receiving core will face Edmonton’s 2nd best secondary. Ugly on paper but again, the pace of this game should provide for plenty of FPTS scoring. McDaniel gives us almost 70 yards per game. Same with Daniels, who is getting the red zone targets now. Michel remains active, just under 9 FPTS per game average.

Toronto Argos at Hamilton Ti-Cats

And finally, it’s Toronto’s turn to pick on the poor Tabbies. In week 1, Ricky Ray threw 506 yards against Hamilton. I don’t think he’ll do that again, but he should still do well against the worst D in the league across all positions, QB, RB and WR. If he’s healthy, start Ricky.

I hate Toronto’s backfield. As a group they score the fourth most FPTS in the league. But individually, none are very fantasy relevant. Whittaker only has two double-digit performances out of 7 games played. Coombs is out. Martese Jackson is a streaky kick/punt return play. With a TD back in Week 9, I’m almost crazy enough to take a $2500 flier on Declan Cross. But probably not.

Through the air we have an MOP candidate in SJ Green leading the way. 90 yards per game average, 5 TDs on the season, averaging 10 targets per game and 12 FPTS. Start him. Do it. Devier Posey’s return is promising as he was averaging 13 FPTS per game before injury. Doesn’t matter, you’re starting SJ Green. Armanti Edwards is getting over 6 targets per game. Doesn’t matter. SJ. Fuller has been a total disapointment. SJ. Green. SJ. He’ll face a Hamilton D giving up 46.5 FPTS to receiving cores, that is in a whole other category of terrible. SJ. SJ Green.

And then we’ve got Zach Collaros. Poor Zachy. The team averages less than 14 FPTs at the QB position, with Zach’s portion of that being less than 11. Toronto is the 2nd best team in the league against QBs. Poor Zachy. Stay away. *edit* Looks like we’ll have Masoli starting at QB for the Cats. Anyone ballsy enough to start him?

And Hamilton’s miserable backfield. They score a COMBINED average of only 6.9 FPTS per game. The second worst team in the league scores over 12, so miserable may even be an understatement. Stay away.

And finally Hamilton’s receiving core. Terrible, at 27.7 FPTS per game, but not that far behind 2nd worst Toronto at 29.5. Brandon Banks is a danger to rip one off at any time, but that’s what I call the definition of a flier. Luke Tasker still averaging less than 7 FPTS per game, hitting double-digits for the first and only time in Week 9. Toliver is injured. Saunders had a promising start but has faded. Aultman felt like an emerging option until he put up a 1.75 FPTS stinker before the Bye. Stay away.

Good luck this week, everyone! SJ GREEN. SJ.

Week 11: Fantasy Projections

Projections are calculated using the player’s average FPTS of the current season, takes into account the strength/weakness of the matchup, plus adds/subtracts bonuses for other considerations such as – home or away, streaking performance (performance over the last 4 games only vs entire season), current team trends and injuries/support roster changes.

Please note the 2017 Fantasy Scoring system, down the left side-bar.

Quarterback Projections:

Mike Reilly 24.28
Matt Nichols 23.60
Kevin Glenn 23.44
Trevor Harris 23.37
Ricky Ray 22.98
Bo Levi Mitchell 20.71
Darian Durant 19.61
Zach Collaros 14.88

Running Back Projections:

Andrew Harris 16.71
Cameron Marshall 15.91
Jerome Messam 14.77
William Powell (1) 12.26
LaDarius Perkins 11.80
Mossis Madu (1) 11.60
Tyrell Sutton (2) 10.38
Brandon Rutley (2) 9.34
Brandon Whittaker 8.83
Martese Jackson 7.97
Declan Cross 7.26
Roy Finch 7.18
Stefan Logan 6.76
CJ Gable 6.24
Timothy Flanders 5.05
Brendan Gillanders 3.34

Wide Receiver Projections:

SJ Green 18.44
Greg Ellingson 16.05
Duron Carter 15.91
Darvin Adams 14.63
DaVaris Daniels 14.09
Brandon Zylstra 13.80
Ernest Jackson 13.57
Bryant Mitchell 13.17
Namaan Roosevelt 13.09
Marquay McDaniel 12.87
DeVier Posey 12.78
Diontae Spencer 12.69
BJ Cunningham 12.44
Vidal Hazelton (INJ) 12.14
Weston Dressler (inj) 11.89
Clarence Denmark 11.24
Ryan Lankford 10.33
Bakari Grant 10.21
Duke Williams 10.13
Julian Feoli Gudino 9.85
Luke Tasker 9.65
Armanti Edwards 9.55
Brad Sinopoli 9.21
Brandon Banks 8.89
Marken Michel 8.83
Joshua Stangby 8.63
Nik Lewis 8.32
Tiquan Underwood 7.53
Jasper Collins 7.48
Caleb Holley 7.39
Jalen Saunders 7.23
Demarr Aultman 7.18
Cory Watson 6.05
Jake Harty 5.40
Tyron Thorpe 4.73
Nic Demski 4.43
Samuel Giguere 2.32

Week 11: Fantasy Points FOR/AGAINST per Position


Use the table below to see how many fantasy points each team is scoring at each position.  Higher numbers are better. For example, Saskatchewan QBs are averaging 22.90 FPTS per game. Hamilton RBs are only averaging 6.96 FPTS per game.

BC 20.87 19.83 31.02
CGY 20.20 16.39 38.33
EDM 24.14 12.08 40.57
SSK 22.90 13.25 39.31
WPG 23.76 16.69 35.43
HAM 13.62 6.96 27.70
TOR 19.74 15.92 29.53
OTT 20.99 13.78 38.32
MTL 15.97 13.51 32.69


FPTS Against:

Use the table below to see how many fantasy points each team is giving up to each position.  Lower numbers are better. For example, QBs going up against Toronto are only able to score an average of 16.16 FPTS. WRs facing Ottawa are scoring over 37 FPTS, on average per game.

BC 20.93 14.06 35.26
CGY 16.06 13.64 25.49
EDM 20.38 14.52 29.46
SSK 18.54 13.61 35.81
WPG 22.16 15.83 41.90
HAM 27.85 17.03 46.54
TOR 16.17 12.97 32.95
OTT 21.51 14.32 37.29
MTL 21.67 15.60 32.51