Week 15: Fantasy Points FOR/AGAINST Per Position


Use the table below to see how many fantasy points each team is scoring at each position.  Higher numbers are better. For example, Saskatchewan QBs are averaging 22.72 FPTS per game. Hamilton RBs are only averaging 9.42 FPTS per game.

BC 19.69 20.07 28.95
CGY 18.62 15.53 34.80
EDM 23.08 12.19 39.71
SSK 22.72 11.58 40.22
WPG 23.99 17.46 36.44
HAM 14.52 9.42 27.78
TOR 19.09 17.81 28.72
OTT 19.21 14.62 35.64
MTL 14.94 12.65 28.45


FPTS Against:

Use the table below to see how many fantasy points each team is giving up to each position.  Lower numbers are better. For example, QBs going up against Toronto are only able to score an average of 15.22 FPTS. WRs facing Ottawa are scoring over 33 FPTS, on average per game.

BC 20.71 12.84 34.65
CGY 15.18 11.93 26.29
EDM 19.32 16.29 29.58
SSK 19.14 14.51 32.63
WPG 21.77 15.63 40.70
HAM 25.89 14.68 42.56
TOR 15.22 14.40 31.75
OTT 19.65 14.20 33.66
MTL 20.25 18.46 31.45

Week 15: Wide Receiver Stats

WR by Targets w/ Receptions:

SJ Green 124 74
Greg Ellingson 118 78
Brad Sinopoli 118 84
Luke Tasker 103 66
Emmanuel Arceneaux 100 69
Darvin Adams 99 65
Namaan Roosevelt 92 64
Marquay McDaniel 92 56
Brandon Zylstra 86 66
Duron Carter 85 51
Diontae Spencer 85 53
Bryan Burnham 85 56
Nik Lewis 84 70
BJ Cunningham 82 49
Bakari Grant 79 58
Jalen Saunders 77 46
Ernest Jackson 76 43
Armanti Edwards 74 58
Duke Williams 65 38
Joshua Stangby 64 41
Clarence Denmark 64 44
DaVaris Daniels 61 37
Vidal Hazelton (INJ) 59 42
Marken Michel 59 31
Weston Dressler 52 34
Jeff Fuller 51 24
Julian Feoli Gudino 50 34
DeVier Posey 49 32
Chris Williams 49 30
Brandon Banks 48 26
Tiquan Underwood 47 29
Kamar Jorden (inj) 44 28
Marco Iannuzzi 44 31
Adarius Bowman 43 26

WR by Receiving Yards:

Greg Ellingson 1186
SJ Green 1053
Brandon Zylstra 982
Darvin Adams 961
Brad Sinopoli 932
Namaan Roosevelt 929
Bryan Burnham 887
BJ Cunningham 820
Emmanuel Arceneaux 784
Bakari Grant 760
Luke Tasker 691
Armanti Edwards 690
Jalen Saunders 686
Marquay McDaniel 675
Duron Carter 646
Duke Williams 620
Nik Lewis 619
Marken Michel 609
Ernest Jackson 600
DaVaris Daniels 595
Diontae Spencer 578
Vidal Hazelton (INJ) 560
Clarence Denmark 483
Weston Dressler 482
Bryant Mitchell 482
Joshua Stangby 478
Tiquan Underwood 458
Nick Moore 456
DeVier Posey 410
Kamar Jorden (inj) 403
Marco Iannuzzi 384
Julian Feoli Gudino 356
Shaq Johnson 351
Anthony Parker 344
Caleb Holley 343
Chris Williams 332

WR by Receiving Touchdowns:

Duron Carter 8
Greg Ellingson 7
SJ Green 7
Namaan Roosevelt 7
Darvin Adams 6
Bakari Grant 6
Clarence Denmark 6
Ernest Jackson 5
Joshua Stangby 5
BJ Cunningham 4
Emmanuel Arceneaux 4
Marquay McDaniel 4
DaVaris Daniels 4
Diontae Spencer 4
Vidal Hazelton (INJ) 4
DeVier Posey 4
Kamar Jorden (inj) 4
Brandon Zylstra 3
Brad Sinopoli 3
Bryan Burnham 3
Luke Tasker 3
Armanti Edwards 3
Jalen Saunders 3
Duke Williams 3
Marken Michel 3
Bryant Mitchell 3
Julian Feoli Gudino 3
Brandon Banks 3
Ryan Lankford 3
Weston Dressler 2
Tiquan Underwood 2
Caleb Holley 2
Lemar Durant 2
Adarius Bowman 2

Week 15: Running Back Stats

RB by Rushing Yards w/ Carries:

Jerome Messam 897 178
Jeremiah Johnson 752 127
Andrew Harris 739 135
Tyrell Sutton 604 109
William Powell 556 103
James Wilder 503 60
Cameron Marshall 489 88
LaDarius Perkins 319 71
Brandon Whittaker 318 71
Mossis Madu 317 71
CJ Gable 309 56
Travon Van (INJ) 236 60
Brandon Rutley 202 35
Timothy Flanders 191 31
Kienan Lafrance 146 39
Ross Scheuerman 145 23
Brendan Gillanders 133 21
Roy Finch 114 21
John White (INJ) 112 20
Chris Rainey 95 27

RB by Rushing Touchdowns:

Jerome Messam 9
Jeremiah Johnson 8
Andrew Harris 5
Tyrell Sutton 3
William Powell 3
CJ Gable 3
Travon Van (INJ) 3
James Wilder 2
Cameron Marshall 2
Mossis Madu 2
LaDarius Perkins 1
Timothy Flanders 1
Kienan Lafrance 1
Ross Scheuerman 1
John White (INJ) 1
Chris Rainey 1
JC Beaulieu 1
Shaq Murray-Lawrence 1
Stefan Logan 1
Ante Milanovic-Litre 1

RB by Receiving Touchdowns:

Jeremiah Johnson 3
Chris Rainey 3
Cameron Marshall 2
Mossis Madu 2
Timothy Flanders 2
Declan Cross 2
Andrew Harris 1
William Powell 1
Travon Van (INJ) 1
LaDarius Perkins 1
Anthony Coombs (INJ) 1
Patrick Lavoie 1

Week 15: Quarterback Stats

QB by Completions w/ Attempts:

Ricky Ray 330 472
Trevor Harris 327 463
Matt Nichols 322 459
Mike Reilly 310 444
Bo Levi Mitchell 278 431
Darian Durant 257 383
Kevin Glenn 253 362
Jonathan Jennings 182 285
Zach Collaros 165 263
Travis Lulay 121 165
Jeremiah Masoli 101 174

QB by Passing Yards:

Mike Reilly 3949
Ricky Ray 3749
Trevor Harris 3724
Bo Levi Mitchell 3713
Matt Nichols 3606
Kevin Glenn 3184
Darian Durant 3015
Jonathan Jennings 2232
Zach Collaros 1743
Travis Lulay 1693
Jeremiah Masoli 1149
Brandon Bridge 525
Drew Tate 299
Ryan Lindley 227
Drew Willy 217

QB by Passing Touchdowns:

Matt Nichols 24
Trevor Harris 23
Kevin Glenn 21
Mike Reilly 20
Ricky Ray 18
Bo Levi Mitchell 18
Darian Durant 14
Travis Lulay 10
Zach Collaros 8
Brandon Bridge 7
Jonathan Jennings 6
Jeremiah Masoli 4
Drew Tate 2
Cody Fajardo 1
Andrew Buckley 1
James Franklin 1

QB by Rushing Touchdowns:

Mike Reilly 6
Travis Lulay 5
Dan Lefevour 4
Andrew Buckley 3
Ryan Lindley 3
Vernon Adams Jr 3
Matt Nichols 2
Kevin Glenn 2
Jonathan Jennings 2
Jeremiah Masoli 2
Cody Fajardo 2
Darian Durant 1
Brandon Bridge 1
Drew Willy 1

Week 15: Fantasy Rankings

QB by Average Fantasy Points:

Mike Reilly 22.36
Matt Nichols 21.00
Kevin Glenn 18.79
Trevor Harris 18.71
Ricky Ray 17.14
Bo Levi Mitchell 15.86
Travis Lulay 15.14
Darian Durant 12.98
Jonathan Jennings 11.85
Zach Collaros 10.87
Jeremiah Masoli 7.94
Brandon Bridge 6.53
Drew Tate 5.72
James Franklin 4.36
Cody Fajardo 3.46
Andrew Buckley 3.24
Dan Lefevour 3.11
Drew Willy 3.08
Ryan Lindley 2.27
Vernon Adams Jr 1.88
Jeff Mathews 0.68
Alex Ross 0.42
Mcleod Bethel-Thompson 0.32

RB by Average Fantasy Points:

Jeremiah Johnson 14.23
Andrew Harris 14.13
Travon Van (INJ) 12.64
William Powell 11.96
Jerome Messam 11.79
Cameron Marshall 11.08
Chris Rainey 10.62
Roy Finch 10.44
Mossis Madu 10.36
Tyrell Sutton 10.02
Ross Scheuerman 9.30
Brandon Rutley 9.07
LaDarius Perkins 8.72
Ante Milanovic-Litre 8.60
CJ Gable 8.48
Terry Williams 7.83
James Wilder 7.63
Timothy Flanders 7.46
Martese Jackson 7.22
Stefan Logan 7.12
John White (INJ) 6.80
Brandon Whittaker 6.73
Kendial Lawrence (INJ) 6.45
Anthony Coombs (INJ) 5.77
Shaq Murray-Lawrence 4.70
Kienan Lafrance 4.22
Greg Morris 4.06
Declan Cross 3.42
JC Beaulieu 3.32
Brendan Gillanders 2.40
Patrick Lavoie 2.19

WR by Average Fantasy Points:

Derel Walker 12.35
Brandon Zylstra 11.79
Kamar Jorden (inj) 11.73
Greg Ellingson 11.47
SJ Green 11.33
Namaan Roosevelt 11.24
Darvin Adams 11.05
Diontae Spencer 10.42
Duron Carter 10.02
Vidal Hazelton (INJ) 10.00
Bryant Mitchell 9.89
Bryan Burnham 9.70
DeVier Posey 9.29
Ryan Lankford 9.25
Bakari Grant 9.24
Jalen Saunders 8.63
BJ Cunningham 8.57
DaVaris Daniels 8.35
Weston Dressler 8.11
Marken Michel 8.09
Duke Williams 8.00
Brandon Banks 7.93
Brad Sinopoli 7.80
Emmanuel Arceneaux 7.72
Kenny Stafford 7.70
Marquay McDaniel 7.63
Armanti Edwards 7.58
Joshua Stangby 7.40
Demarr Aultman 7.37
Luke Tasker 7.26
Clarence Denmark 7.13
Ernest Jackson 7.05
Jasper Collins 6.83
Devon Bailey 6.67
Adarius Bowman 6.42
Caleb Holley 6.33
Lemar Durant 6.26
Quincy McDuffie 5.97
Chris Williams 5.82
Tiquan Underwood 5.78

Week 14: Position Analysis

Hey Football Fans!  Welcome to Week 14!

This week I’ve decided to try something a bit different. Instead of the typical Matchup Analysis, I’ve broken down this write-up by position instead of by matchup.  Let me know what you think! If you prefer last week’s style, I can certainly fall back to that.

Without futher ado…


The absolute worst thing you can do this week is go Hamilton pivot. Okay, for once that may not be true! Regardless, Hamilton scores the fewest FPTS at the QB position in the entire league. Doesn’t matter if they are going Collaros or Masoli. However, Hamilton goes up against a BC defense currently giving up the 3rd most FPTS to opposing Quarterbacks.

The second worst team at the QB position is Montreal. Durant is really struggling. The whole team is really struggling. Montreal faces a Toronto Defense 2nd best in the entire league against QBs. Stay away.

Believe it or not, the Calgary QB team scores the third fewest points at the position. The offense doesn’t have to work hard when your Defense is this good. Bo will go up against a Saskatchewan Defense 5th best in the league.

Next best would be the BC lions. But with Lulay out, can you really go with Jennings? He will face a terrible Tabby Cats Defense, surrendering the MOST FPTS to QBs. Maybe this is a value QB option for Week 14… with risk. Mr Interception.

Next up, Ricky Ray and the Toronto Argo’s. Ray would be much more valuable if Fajardo didn’t vulture the ground-based TDs. But they are the 5th highest scoring team at the QB position and should be able to feast-a-plenty against a struggling Montreal team.

Ottawa clocks in as the 4th best team at the QB position. But now we are down to a third stringer in Ryan Lindley. He didn’t look terrible in relief of Drew Tate, but it’s still a risk. Looks like it could be a juicy matchup, however, with Winnipeg surrendering the 2nd most FPTS to QBs.

With the Eskimos on the Bye, next up is the Sask Roughies. Is Glenn good to go? If he is you’ll be tempted to start him with not many other options this week. But I advise caution, as he’ll go up against a shutdown Calgary Defense, best against QBs and WRs. I really hope this one turns into a shoot-out, but that Calgary D is so scary. *Edit – Glenn has been named Starter for Week 14.

Nothing is sounding overly attractive this week. So what do we do?

We reach for Matt Nichols. His salary has climbed. But Winnipeg currently sits atop the Fantasy QB heap. He’ll go up against an Ottawa D that surrenders the 6th most – or 4th fewest, FPTS to QBs. With Ottawa fielding a third string QB, expect the Defense to be on the field a lot, giving Nichols plenty of opportunity to rack up the FPTS.

Running Backs

Let’s start on top – JJohnson in BC, scoring the most FPTS at the position. Up against the woefull Tabby Cats? Must start!

2nd best backfield belongs to Winnipeg. Start Andrew Harris, going up against an Ottawa team surrendering the 6th most FPTS to RBs. A hex upon dirty vulture Flanders!

Shooting WAY up the charts on a ridiculous, surprise performance is the Argo’s backfield. Fantasy irrelevant all season long, and then this Wilder Jr guy comes in and fucking cleans house. Who is this guy? Where did he come from? Can he keep it going? If Whittaker doesn’t return, he’ll face a pathetic Montreal Defense giving up the most FPTS to backfields. Chase those points and start this guy! Hell, get Declan Cross in your Flex too.

4th most productive backfield is led by Jarome Messam in Calgary. Going up against a middle-of-the-road Sask defense. If he’s healthy, he’s in your lineup. He has passed concussion protocol as of Tuesday. *Edit – latest report, he attended practice, but didn’t participate. Keep an eye.

Ottawa’s backfield looks to be startable this weekend as well, going up against a Winnipeg team that surrenders the 3rd most FPTS to RBs. Powell looked dominant last week and with Ryan Lindley at the helm expect plenty of usage. I really like this play for Week 14.

Kienan Lafrance still holds down the backfield for the Roughriders, and still holds down a great value salary. But against that Calgary Defense, I’ll pass.

Can Sutton be started? No. He looks like a dominant runner, but the team around him just isn’t giving him the opportunities.

And finally, CJ Gable in Hamilton, worst team at the position.  Just when you thought he was getting traction under the new coaching staff, he then disappoints once again.  BC is actually the BEST team in the league against RBs. *Edit CJ Gable is ruled out this week. So, move along.

Wide Receivers

The Roughriders receiving core continues to score the most FPTS at the position. They’ll go up against the shutdown secondary of Calgary. I advise caution, especially if Bridge gets the nod. Carter and Roosevelt and even B.Grant will get their looks, but I don’t see enough scoring to go around this week.

Edmonton Receivers score at the 2nd highest rate in the CFL. But they are on the Bye, so no, you can’t start Walker, Zylstra or Duke. Too bad.

Ottawa receivers are the 3rd most productive core in the league. But with a third string QB at the helm, you have to expect a decline in production. As long as McDuffie is still out, your safe play is Diontae Spencer, racking up the FPTS in the return game.  His salary has finally caught up with his huge play. *Edit – McDuffie will be back for Week 14, and it is confimed he will participate in the Return game. Expect Spencer’s production to decline a touch.

Calgary sits in 4th place for WR FPTS scoring, with plenty of mouths to feed. Bo really likes the Boundry slot and receiver positions. Marken Michel, Davaris Daniels ( if healthy ) are your starters. Begelton really took advantage of his time in the slot when Daniels was out last week. *Edit – Both Daniels and Kamar Jorden did not practice yesterday. Mitchel is still looking like a great pick.

Winnipeg receivers, 5th best in the league, will be fully rested when they take on a decent Ottawa defense, 3rd best against the position. Before they went to Bye we had Darvin Adams averaging only 7 FPTS in his last three, with no TD since week 9. Denmark is seeing his Red Zone targets rise, scoring four TDs in his last three games. Dressler is only averaging 6FPTS since coming back from IR. Excpect them to be on the field a lot this week.

Toronto receiving core slots in at the 6th best FPTS producers.  Montreal’s secondary is probably the only thing not in shambles, the 4th best against the position.  I expect Toronto to have a good outing. Start SJ, start Posey, start Edwards.

BC scores the 7th most FPTS at the WR position. We’ll see if their QB can take advantage of the incredible matchup. If any BC receiver is bounce out of a slump – I’m looking at you, Chris Williams!  And maybe even you, Manny! It should be in this game against the worst secondary in the league.

Are you starting any Montreal receivers? Don’t.

And do I have to say the same for Hamilton? Maybe this Andy Fantuz guy will provide some spark but let’s see it play out first.

Good luck this week, Everyone!

Week 14: Fantasy Projections

Projections are calculated using the player’s average FPTS of the current season, takes into account the strength/weakness of the matchup, plus adds/subtracts bonuses for other considerations such as – home or away, streaking performance (performance over the last 4 games only vs entire season), current team trends and injuries/support roster changes.

Please note the 2017 Fantasy Scoring system, down the left side-bar.

Week 14 Quarterback Projections:

Matt Nichols 22.14
Ricky Ray 21.23
Bo Levi Mitchell 19.62
Kevin Glenn(1) 18.83
Ryan Lindley 16.43
Jonathan Jennings 16.42
Brandon Bridge(1) 16.36
Darian Durant 13.84
Jeremiah Masoli(2) 13.62
Zach Collaros(2) 13.43

Week 14 Running Back Projections:

Jeremiah Johnson 17.05
Andrew Harris 14.30
William Powell (1) 13.99
Jerome Messam 13.22
Mossis Madu (1) 12.73
James Wilder 12.73
Kienan Lafrance 9.90
Brandon Rutley (2) 9.81
Chris Rainey 9.61
Tyrell Sutton (2) 9.56
Martese Jackson 8.82
CJ Gable 8.28
Ross Scheuerman 8.27
Roy Finch 8.26
Declan Cross 7.83
Stefan Logan 7.33
Brendan Gillanders 5.86
Timothy Flanders 5.69
Terry Williams 4.53
Greg Morris 4.47
Shaq Murray-Lawrence 4.02
JC Beaulieu 3.59
Ante Milanovic-Litre 3.28
Patrick Lavoie 3.20

Week 14 Wide Receiver Projections:

Greg Ellingson 14.80
SJ Green 13.98
Diontae Spencer 13.39
DeVier Posey 13.37
Namaan Roosevelt 12.84
Marken Michel 12.70
Darvin Adams 12.35
Bryan Burnham 12.19
Clarence Denmark 11.98
Brad Sinopoli 11.95
Armanti Edwards 11.11
Duron Carter 10.89
Jalen Saunders 10.79
Emmanuel Arceneaux 9.84
Bakari Grant 9.79
BJ Cunningham 9.53
Weston Dressler 9.40
Nick Moore 9.19
Marquay McDaniel 9.04
Brandon Banks 8.77
Demarr Aultman 8.73
Ernest Jackson 8.11
Joshua Stangby 7.98
Jasper Collins 7.77
Ryan Lankford 7.50
Reginald Begelton 7.47
Luke Tasker 7.39
Chris Williams 7.28
Tiquan Underwood 6.28
Nik Lewis 5.76
Caleb Holley 5.51
Julian Feoli Gudino 4.52
Marco Iannuzzi 4.28

Week 14: Fantasy Points FOR/AGAINST Per Position


Use the table below to see how many fantasy points each team is scoring at each position.  Higher numbers are better. For example, Saskatchewan QBs are averaging 23.88 FPTS per game. Hamilton RBs are only averaging 8.86 FPTS per game.

BC 19.40 20.20 29.37
CGY 19.34 15.28 37.18
EDM 23.08 12.19 39.71
SSK 23.88 12.48 41.35
WPG 24.17 17.30 34.97
HAM 14.24 8.86 27.29
TOR 19.66 17.03 29.73
OTT 20.51 14.35 37.54
MTL 15.78 11.56 29.13


FPTS Against:

Use the table below to see how many fantasy points each team is giving up to each position.  Lower numbers are better. For example, QBs going up against Toronto are only able to score an average of 16.09 FPTS. WRs facing Ottawa are scoring over 32 FPTS, on average per game.

BC 20.97 12.62 34.78
CGY 15.61 12.79 26.18
EDM 19.32 16.29 29.58
SSK 19.97 14.14 35.02
WPG 23.54 15.39 43.41
HAM 26.13 14.32 44.25
TOR 16.09 13.46 32.70
OTT 19.47 13.82 32.21
MTL 20.92 17.73 32.69