Week 16: A Note About Projections

Hello Football Fans!

Just a quick update – this week I am going to debut the BETA version of my new Projections Model.  I was planning on waiting for next season but I’m a bit too excited about it.

The new model first creates Floor – Median – Ceiling figures for each player.  This is based mostly on Historical Performance, and the Week’s Matchup.

We then dive deeper into the data and introduce a number of subjectively weighted variables. For things such as Streaking Performance, Home vs Away Game, Support Roster Changes (injuries, etc.), Defensive Roster Matchups, “Revenge” Games, Weather and other conditions, etc.  These variables create the fine-tuned final projection – complete with full projected statistics.

Week 16 Beta Projections should be out later today, tomorrow morning at the latest. At the expense, however, of the Position Analysis write-up. That’s likely not getting done this week…

Stay Tuned!

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