Welcome to 2017!

Hello Football Fans!

We are a mere few weeks away from pre-season 2017. It’s time to start thinking about Fantasy Football. Let’s get this thing rolling!

I will be setting up as many Fantasy Football Leagues on Fantas-Eh as I can find managers for. If you want to be included in one of my leagues, please drop me a line! davan@cfl-fantasy.ca I’ll send you an invite as soon as the site opens up for the new season.

My main goal with leagues I create will be to set them up as close to nfl.com standard scoring as possible. Last year’s numbers were based on a custom-scoring template. Going forward with new seasons, they will be matched to nfl.com as closely as possible. This is being done to retain familiarity with the majority of Fantasy Football players currently out there.

Looking forward to the new season!

I hope to have some pre-draft rankings up in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!